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Murrayhill Martial Arts Reviews

  • Renee F, Murrayhill Martial Arts Testimonials

    Best decision I ever made for my daughter w some special needs. Confidence, building, physical strength building, cognitive skills and nice people and friends. Worth every penny.

    Renee F
  • Jessica J, Murrayhill Martial Arts Testimonials

    Starting taekwondo as an adult sounded intimidating until I stepped into my first class! Miss Kaari is a talented professional with amazing skills and truly committed to teaching her students. The community of people at the school is top notch! Looking forward to my journey to black belt!

    Jessica J
  • Alithea C, Murrayhill Martial Arts Testimonials

    My kids absolutely love it here! The instructors are amazing, and they know how to combine fun with discipline in a way that kids respond.

    Alithea C
  • Paige S, Murrayhill Martial Arts Testimonials

    Awesome instructors and always a positive environment. Awesome for kids AND adults!!! Always something new to learn!!!!

    Paige S
  • Anel B, Murrayhill Martial Arts Testimonials

    Awesome instructors!

    Anel B
  • Todd E, Murrayhill Martial Arts Testimonials

    We've been extremely pleased with the quality, attitude, professionalism and heart we've found at Murrayhill.

    One of the most impressive attributes has been the focus on student's conduct away from their in-class training. The instructors are excellent at making sure the students understand that being a martial artist doesn't stop when they step off the mat. Students are specifically challenged to take the values they learn into their schools & homes -and evaluated based on both teacher and parent feedback. This has been absolutely huge value for our crew.

    Our family has three students currently enrolled and look forward to many years of continuous development both in and outside the class.

    Todd E
  • Michelle S, Murrayhill Martial Arts Testimonials

    Enrolling my seven year old twins was the single most important thing I've done! I was so impressed I enrolled myself. The highly skilled, caring team of instructors teaches more than just the mechanics of Martial Arts. They stress the importance of hard work, integrity and goal setting. Convenient class times and additional class offerings like a bully seminar a plus. Please come and give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

    Michelle S
  • Sarah L, Murrayhill Martial Arts Testimonials

    Always a pleasure to bring my kids and send my husband to practice and train in this martial art! Not only do they all enjoy themselves, my 4 year old son gets the wiggles out, my 13 year old daughter is reminded to be respectful to her parents (us) and my husband stays strong and fit for the many fun activities I plan! I love the Taekwondo team that works with my kids as they are all more like family after 4 years. Thank you guys for everything you have done for our little family. Please know it's greatly appreciated!!

    Sarah L
  • Liz T, Murrayhill Martial Arts Testimonials

    I started my son here at the beginning of the school year and he is loving it. We've also noticed that he's much more focused on things at home and at school. I have also started taking the adult classes and really loving it. I needed something to help bring me back into getting active with other like minded people and this is really working for me. Master Kaari and Master O'Brien work really hard to keep this a first class school and they are doing a wonderful job of it. I highly recommend this school!

    Liz T
  • Melissa S, Murrayhill Martial Arts Testimonials

    Starting Taekwondo was the hardest thing I've done in a long time. Being pretty out of shape, I knew it wouldn't be easy. It quickly became one of the most important things in my life. I've gained so much in the few months that I've been training; strength, stamina, self confidence, and some fantastic friends! The instructors are passionate, positive, and they literally live for what they do. I feel extremely fortunate to have found them!

    Melissa S

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